Turkmenistan closes mosques and disinfects the air with chlorine solution

RIA Novosti with reference to its sources reports that with the view of combatting the spread of viral infections, mosques, churches and other Muslim holy places of pilgrimage have been closed down until further notice.

Moreover, according to the news agency Arzuw News, restaurants and banquet halls curtailed their operations for the same reason.

The state-run information agency TDH reports that 1% chlorine solution and 0,25% sodium hypochlorite solution are being sprinkled in Turkmenistan with the help of cars and crop dusters.

Rail and bus travel between velayats was previously restricted. Wearing face masks on the streets is now mandatory and concerts have been cancelled.

It should be emphasized that the Turkmen authorities do not acknowledge coronavirus cases in Turkmenistan. Precaution measures were adopted as the Ministry of Healthcare had detected increased dust content in the air, which, as viewed by ministry officials, might spread coronavirus.

The WHO mission, summarizing the outcomes of their visit to Turkmenistan, advised the authorities activating the critical public health measures in Turkmenistan, as if COVID-19 was circulating.


Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan