Turkmenistan continues to experience soaring prices for medications

Chronicles of Turkmenistan continues to monitor price fluctuations in Turkmenistan's pharmacies. Prices for medications are increasing almost every day. For this reason, price tags for medications are no longer displayed.

For instance, the price for fluconazole has increased from 18 to 21 manats, for L-Thyroxin � from 90 to 110 manats (per 100 pill package) since February. The price for nasal spray to treat allergic rhinitis Etacid increased from 50 to 140 manats. Children's syrup Ampicillin is now sold at 14 manats , an increase from 11 manats in February.

Our correspondents report that some medications disappeared from the pharmacies and were replaced by more expensive foreign analogues. For instance, Enapril (produced in India and packaged in Turkmenistan), which in late 2017 cost 6 manats and was sold at 12 manats in early 2018, disappeared from the Turkmen market. It was replaced by imported analogues which cost 4-5 times as much.

At the airports Turkmen customs officers ask passengers arriving in Turkmenistan if they are importing any medications. Only medications for personal use and in low quantities are allowed to be brought into the country.

Let us recall that the price for pharmaceuticals has increased by almost 50% since February.

On 24 April the dollar exchange rate at the black market skyrocketed to 16 manats (the selling price of 16,20 manats).

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan