Turkmenistan develops humanitarian ties with the Caspian countries

In the first ten days of September, Astrakhan hosts a number of events aimed at expanding cultural and informational interaction between the Caspian countries. As part of the International Caspian Festival of Classical Art OperaFirst 2022, which takes place from September 2 to 11, the Astrakhan Philharmonic Hall hosted a concert "Day of Turkmenistan", where opera singer Darya Huseynova and pianist Mamed Huseynov performed works by Turkmen composers: works by the first female composer of Turkmenistan Jeren Kurbanklycheva, masterpieces of the famous Turkmen composer Nury Halmamedov, as well as compositions by Chara Nurymov, Dangatar Ovezov, Rovshan Nepesov, two romances on verses by Kurbannazar Ezizov "My Love", "My Land".

Astrakhan also opened two exhibitions that tell about the original culture of the peoples of the Caspian Sea. According to local media reports, the Astrakhan Museum of Local Lore has organized the exhibition “A Thousand Years Around the Caspian Sea”, which includes more than 100 items that tell about the centuries-old history of trade and cultural contacts between the peoples of the Caspian states. It combines thematic complexes dedicated to the material and cultural heritage of Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Russia, Turkmenistan. Visitors to the exhibition can see lamps from the 18th–19th centuries, Iranian coins, Azerbaijani and Turkmen jewelry, Kazakh instruments, and much more. Modern photographs depict the festivals and holidays of the peoples of the Caspian Sea,

The exhibition “Peoples of the Caspian Sea in the Fine Arts”, which opened in the Astrakhan Art Gallery named after P.M. Dogadin, presents works of art that reflect the national color and identity of the Caspian states. The exposition includes the genre composition "Snack" by the Turkmen artist Movlamberdy Mukhammedmuradov.

On September 9-10, the Astrakhan State Opera and Ballet Theater will host the international Caspian Media Forum 2022 for the seventh time, organized with the assistance of the Interstate Foundation for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS member states. The event is traditionally attended by the delegation of Turkmenistan, which seeks to expand its presence in international, including media platforms. The forum contributes to the development of professional ties, the implementation of joint projects, the use of advanced technologies to improve the quality of information products and the expansion of the audience of the Turkmen mass media through the placement of domestic news stories, information and analytical materials and other content on foreign resources.

The program of the "Caspian Media Forum-2022" includes a plenary session and discussion platforms "Business Journalism and Business Communications", "Caspian League of Travel Journalists and Opinion Leaders", "Media in the youth policy of the Caspian countries", "New time for diplomacy" and other. On the sidelines of the media forum, the Media Convention “Analytical Journalism Today” will also be held, which will be dedicated to discussing the media agenda of the Caspian region, features, techniques and methods of analytical journalism. In addition, 40 representatives of the Caspian states will take part in the online e-sports festival "Real Caspian Cup". This event is included in the program of the media forum for the first time.

According to the organizing committee, about 90 participants from Azerbaijan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, as well as Belarus and Uzbekistan confirmed their participation in the media forum. These are well-known journalists, representatives of state authorities responsible for the implementation of information and youth policy and international cooperation, experts, scientists and political scientists, leaders of public organizations of the Caspian countries. An integral part of the Caspian Media Forum program is the solemn ceremony of awarding the winners and laureates of the Caspian Without Borders journalistic competition. In 2022, 43 participants from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan applied for the competition.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper