Turkmenistan doubles price of electricity and cuts off power supply to Afghanistan

Afghanistan's news outlet 1tvnews reports that starting from 1 January 2018 Turkmenistan doubled the price of electricity supplied to northern regions of Afghanistan.

1 kilowatt used to cost $0,02 (2 US cents), but starting from 1 January the northern neighbour is seeking $0,04 (4 US cents) for each kilowatt. This was reported by representatives of Afghanistan's northern province Herat, who also urged residents to participate in campaign against higher imported electricity prices.

The authorities of Afghanistan refused to conclude the contract using the reviewed terms and consequently, Turkmenistan halted electric power supply to Herat, Faryab, Sar-i-Pul and Jawzjan provinces.

In order to provide electricity to affected regions, the Iran power line will be temporarily used to supply electric power.

According to the news agency Pajhwok, the inhabitants of Faryab province are calling on the Afghan government to use water resources of the country and start building hydropower stations in Afghanistan to save it from dependency of imported electric power.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan