Turkmenistan finishes preparation to cotton sowing

The sowing of important for national economy crop starts on March 23 in Ahal, Lebap and Mary velayats while in northern Dashoguz region, it begins on March 28. Mechanized cultivation of the fields was continued from the late autumn � ploughing, washing out, herbicide treatment and irrigation have been carried out. Nowadays, numerous ploughing was replaced with levelling and compacting of the soil in order to preserve the liquid accumulated by the soil for autumn and winter periods. The ridges are made at some places of un-salinized areas of the grey soils, which are the best of fertile lands of the county.

Operational meetings are held where cotton growers, engineers, seed specialists, machine operators and owners of agricultural equipment familiarize themselves with the rules of agricultural activities and discuss the issues of coordinated work during the campaign.

Necessary volume of high quality seed material, which was treated for the protection from the pests and diseases, has been stocked. 36 cotton plants supply the seeds of more than ten of cotton species grown in the country, which undergo control inspections in the laboratories for crop variety testing of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Management. The most popular medium fibre species are Yoloten 7and Yoloten 9 while Yoloten 14 is the best among fine fibre cotton.

Seven thousand units of various tractors with the same number of the equipment that is installed on these machines like cultivators and seeders.

The state plan is 1 000 050 tons of cotton, which is to be gown on 545 thousand hectares of irrigated land. Production potential of the export oriented segment of national economy � cotton processing and spinning factories as well as fabrics production facilities, allows processing full volume of raw material.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper