Turkmenistan hold narcotics destruction event

Destruction ceremony of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances and illegal tobacco production seized during special operations by legal and law enforcement agencies of Turkmenistan to place in Bagabat settlement, Ak Bugday etrap.

Heads of security forces, public organizations, representatives of foreign diplomatic missions accredited in the country, international organizations and mass media took part in the event organized by the Government of the country, the State Coordination Commission for Combating against Drug Abuse under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan and the Ministry of Interior. As per traditions, honoured elders and students have been invited to participate in the event.

Narcotic drugs, counterfeit tobacco and pharmaceutical products seized for the period since the last burning last year have been demonstrated to the participants. It is necessary to mention that due to special attention paid to combating against this evil, coordinated cooperation of military and law enforcement services, the volume of illegal trafficking of prohibited production are significantly reduced in Turkmenistan and all attempts are successfully deterred.

Reliable barrier to the spread of its global threat is provided in the country on Government and legislation level with active participation of civic society based on cross - sectoral approach to combating against illegal drug trafficking. The Head of the State always says about uncompromised character of this combating.

Supporting the efforts of the state in counteracting against dangerous occurrences of modernity, each of participants of the event was able to send to pack of dangerous potion to the special furnace. According to the rules, the process of burning was under control of personnel of law enforcement agencies and authorised experts.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH