Turkmenistan hosts international beauty contest of Akhal-Teke horses

In the Akhal-Teke equestrian complex of the President of Turkmenistan near Ashgabat, with the participation of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov, an international beauty contest of Akhal-Teke horses, traditionally held as part of the National Day of the Turkmen Horse, was held.

Before the start of the competition, the head of state was presented with eight Akhal-Teke horses from five regions of the country, the city of Ashgabat, heads of military and law enforcement agencies and horse breeders of Turkmenistan.

Then the final of the international competition "The most beautiful Akhal-Teke horse of the year" took place, in which ten best representatives of the breed from all regions of Turkmenistan, selected at the preliminary stages of the competition, took part. Each horse was led twice before the judges: the first time without equipment and the second time in a full harness, with decorations and a carpet blanket.

According to the results of the competition, the magnificent horse Melebash from the Akhal-Teke Equestrian Complex of the President of Turkmenistan was recognized as the most beautiful Akhal-Teke horse of 2022. His seyis (coach) Begli Juraev was awarded the main prize on behalf of President Serdar Berdimuhamedov - the keys to a Lexus car, as well as a challenge cup and a diploma.

Here, the names were announced and the winners of the creative competition for the artistic embodiment of the image of the Turkmen horse in works of fine and decorative art, in publishing products, photographs and on TV channels were awarded.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru