Turkmenistan increases customs fees for Iranian trucks by 50%

In the course of a meeting with Ambassador of Turkmenistan Akmed Gurbanov, the head of Iran Road Maintenance and Transportation Organization Abdolhashem Hassanni expressed discontent with the unilateral increase in customs duties imposed by Turkmenistan on Iranian transit trucks, the Iranian information agency IRNA reported on 4 June.

Hassanni said that a 50% increase in tolls might result in decreased transit and road cooperation between the two states and called on Turkmenistan to reduce the tolls.

Let us recall that in mid May Afghanistan's media outlets reported that Turkmenistan had .com/2018/05 customs fees for Afghanistan by 50%.

Turkmenistan is developing logistics opportunities in an attempt to become a transportation hub through which trade routes from Asia to Europe and from Russia to the Persian Gulf countries will pass.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan