Turkmenistan increases prices for liquor and bans its sale in private stores

In early July, after President Berdymukhammedov had approved the national program on preventing negative effects of alcohol consumption for 2018-2024, unexpected inspections in privately-owned liquor stores were carried out. Despite the availability of the selling license, all alcoholic beverages were confiscated.

As of today, according to correspondents of Chronicles of Turkmenistan, alcoholic beverages are openly sold only in state-run stores despite the fact that no official ban to sell liquor has been introduced for privately-owned shops.

Prices went up by 5 manats on average:

The price for Arassa vodka increased from 13 to 18 manats (It has been previously reported that the price for vodka went up from 17 to 22 manats. We are trying to find out what caused such a discrepancy. Comment by the editorial board);

Ully dag vodka � an increase from 30 to 35 manats;

Garabekewul cognac � an increase from from 35 to 40 manats;

Turkmenistan cognac� an increase from 38 to 43 manats;

Gala cognac � an increase from 30 to 36 manats.

Despite the unofficial ban, sources of Chronicles of Turkmenistan claim that liquor can be purchased under the counter almost in each privately-owned store.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan