Turkmenistan integrates to global information network

Group of international TV channel Russian Today visited Turkmenistan recently. It was a working visit related with the discussion of the opportunities of informational exchange with Turkmen colleagues and elaboration of official draft document on cooperation, for which big perspectives are opened today according to Russian journalists.

Having learnt Turkmenistan better, the guest of TV channel Russian Today noted the transparency of the country to partnership and fruitful cooperation as well as its changed brighter and more expressive image.

We have prepared before the trip, read a lot about Turkmenistan to have better understanding but what we've seen were well beyond all our expectations, - representative of RUPTLY vide agency in Russia and CIS Indira Zharova says with admiration. � Your magnificent capital deserves to be the main character of the movie and numerous videos alone by itself for the spectators all over the world would be able to see its beauty.

Russia Today television network includes eight new and documentary channels, news online portals in six languages as well as global multimedia agency RUPTLY, which provides exclusive materials to TV channels around the world. News channels of RT in English, Arabic and Spanish languages and RTD documentary channel are broadcasted all day around from Moscow. TV channels RT America and RT UK are broadcasted from their own studios in Washington and London, while TR France broadcasts from Paris. RT is available 24/7 for 700 million of spectators in more than 100 countries in the world.

Experience of such big media holding might be very useful for Turkmenistan, which information policy President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov orients to rapid integration to global information streams. The Head of the State sets clear objectives for national journalism to study and implement latest media technologies, to promote national product in international information market, to make true image of the country and bring our achievements, changes and initiatives aimed at the sake of the nations, safe and stable development of the sates and regions to the audience.

In this regard, Russia Today is willing to render assistance to Turkmen colleagues both in terms of organizational and technical consultations and also in the aspect of professional growth, mastering of modern competencies, which are necessary to the journalists and other mass media personnel today for successful competition at tough and quite enriched information market.

Two groups from Turkmenistan have already had training at RT channel, having received valuable knowledge, skills and methods of making and spreading of the content, producing and marketing.

In the end of May, RT team came to our country to make special report on the opening of Turkmenbashy International Seaport. During recent trip of another team of the channel, they produced some new ideas and for joint projects, which are aimed at the narration to wide international audience about Turkmenistan as a country with colossal capabilities. They plan to make it from other point of view to erase old stereotypes and to show frsh vision of independent neutral state.

In this case, RT team was especially interested in such projects as International rally Amul � Hazar 2018, which was initiated by the Head of the State and has all chances to enter the world racing calendar as well as the World Weightlifting Championship in autumn when titled weightlifting masters will come to Ashgabat from around hundred countries of the world. However, there are many ideas for establishment of close information relations including the production of the series of documentary films about Turkmenistan, its present, heritage, tourist places.

For example, RT personnel was attracted by unique object in the centre of Karakum � Darvaza Crater, that has been attracting the travellers from all over the world for decades. Followed by Turkmen colleagues, they have visited this impressive place to make a plan for future shootings including panoramic video giving an opportunity to Internet users to see the most wonderful places on the planet from 360 degrees.

By the way, small video made as an outline of future film at burning crater in Darvaza and placed on RUPTLY website has spread around other web resources in the first day including Russian channels Zvezda and Mir TV, Austrian Krone Multimedia, Latin American Telesur, Venezuelan La Tele Tuya, Panama TVN Media, Turkish Milliyet, international network media groups Press TV, April TV, Russia Today, Channel 360 and many other.

Publication on the visit of RUPTLY to Turkmenistan and its own video about Darvaza Crater was placed in the internet by Orient website of Media � Turkmen news agency, which is new resource in global network.

RUPTLY plans to make the series about wonderful places of our country what will attract the attention of thousands travellers. These are the Dinosaurs Plateau and underground lake of Kov-Ata, fantastic canyon Yangikala and many other. Undoubtedly, priceless histrocial and cultural monuments, facilities of the Silk Road renovated in merits today by the efforts of National leader Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov can be continutation of the series.

This year, Turkmen capital will host the 55th General Assembly of Asian Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU), which unites 280 broadcasting organizations from 69 countries of Asia and other regions including Turkmenistan.

RT channel also intends to take part in the forum where the agreement on cooperation with the State News Agency of Turkmenistan (TDH) is planned to be signed

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH