Turkmenistan invites UN to create a number of institutions to fight the pandemic

Turkmenistan will continue to support the coordinated efforts of the world community to combat a new type of coronavirus infection, political and socio-economic consequences of its spread. This is stated in the “Priority positions of Turkmenistan at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly.”

Emphasizing the importance of the cohesion and solidarity of all member states and organizations of the UN system in the fight against a common threat, Ashgabat considers it unacceptable to politicize the problem of the spread of the coronavirus. Turkmenistan considers one of the main tasks in this area to strengthen the global capacity for preparedness, collective resilience and response to health emergencies based on the developed UN strategies and plans to counter coronavirus infection. At the same time, the Turkmen side emphasizes that the World Health Organization (WHO) is the main platform for multilateral dialogue to develop consolidated, mutually agreed responses to common challenges in the field of global health. Turkmenistan believes that the most effective way to minimize the negative economic consequences of the pandemic is to strengthen the work of the UN specialized structures in certain key areas of the global economic recovery.

In this regard, Ashgabat, during the 76th session of the General Assembly, intends to promote proposals for the establishment of a WHO Special Program for the Study of the Coronavirus Genome, the WHO Multilateral Mechanism for the Control of Pneumonia, the WHO Methodological Center for the Treatment and Prevention of Acute Infections and the Central Asian Regional Center for Epidemiology, Virology and Bacteriology.

Turkmenistan counts on the support of the UN member states and specialized agencies of the UN system in the implementation of the above proposals.

Source: Turkmenistan the Golden Age Online Newspaper