Turkmenistan joins Code of Conduct for a World Free of Terrorism

Note that the Code was developed at the initiative of the first President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev in 2015 and includes a number of obligations in the fight against terrorism. More than 70 countries of the world signed it at a meeting at the UN in 2018.

The document consists of 10 points:

1. To give impetus to the practical implementation of a wide range of international counter terrorism obligations;

2. Prevent direct or indirect support of terrorist groups to achieve political or geopolitical goals;

3. Apply comprehensive counter terrorism measures and systematic steps to prevent terrorism and terrorist activities;

4. Apply comprehensive approaches to counter terrorism in particular combining the main areas of UN activities peace and security sustainable development and humanitarian space;

5. Intensify collective efforts at the international level including by exchanging data and information providing mutual legal assistance and prosecuting the perpetrators or transferring them to the countries where the terrorist act was committed based on the principle of extradition or prosecution;

6. Intensify regional cooperation and coordination in such areas as the exchange of intelligence and information strengthening border security strengthening measures in the field of legal and criminal justice ensuring mutual exchanges and if necessary support as well as the exchange of best practices;

7. To take measures to prevent and counteract the use of information and communication technologies including the Internet by terrorists and their supporters in order to commit incite recruit finance or plan terrorist acts and to collaborate in the development and implementation of effective strategies against terrorist narratives to deter the spread of terrorist propaganda and promote peace tolerance coexistence and respect as well as obstructing all forms of hatred blackening and terrorism;

8. To carry out urgent concerted actions by the international community in the fight against terrorism and the settlement of conditions conducive to its spread in particular:

perform GKTS;

promote a tripartite strategy including: building capacity to strengthen the relationship between the fight against terrorism; use an innovative regional approach; and to strengthen coordination within the UN in particular its working methods at headquarters and in the field to increase efficiency and ensure greater transparency and accountability;

strengthen further cooperation and coordination with the UN and its relevant structures;

strive to find consensus in order to reach agreement on the conclusion of a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism as soon as practicable.

9. To establish through the Code of Conduct a coalition of partners seeking the centenary of the United Nations to achieve a world free of terrorism.

10. Support efforts to enhance cooperation and fulfill commitments under the Code.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan