Turkmenistan National Day has large success at EXPO 2017

Celebration of Turkmenistan National Day, which fell on the birthday of Head of the State Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, was held at International Specialized Exhibition in Astana. On this occasion, the organizers of our exposition prepared cultural programme and all guests of Turkmen exhibition hall were treated with dishes of national cuisine.

Having taken the baton of national days, the exhibition hall of Turkmenistan were in the centre of attention of EXPO visitors, numerous participating delegations as well as international and local press. Turkmen artists arrived in Astana especially for this day.

The concert, held on the open ground covered with bright carpets in front of the exhibition hall, was an invitation to Turkmen toy (celebration) and vivid introduction to closer look at modern Turkmenistan with its culture and art, wise traditions and innovative changes in life of the country with rich history and promising prospects in future.

Official opening ceremony of Turkmenistan National Day gathered the management of the Organization Committee of the EXPO 2017, heads of foreign delegation and other honourable guests of the celebration.

The Flag of our country was hoisted under the sounds of the National Anthem of Turkmenistan. Official part of Turkmenistan National Day was continued by the greeting speeches of the heads of Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan delegations.

Official representatives of Kazakhstan congratulated Turkmen delegations with National Day of our country and addressed the greetings to President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov on his birthday.

Important role of Turkmen leader in consolidation of international efforts in priority directions of sustainable and safe development including in energy sphere was highlighted.

National exposition, presenting successes and achievements of our country in improvement of economic potential and demonstrating its sustainable development, shows the process of establishment of Turkmenistan as one of the leading energy powers of the world.

It reveals the potential of the country in renewable sources of energy sphere as well as give an opportunity to Kazakhstan citizens and the guests of Astana to familiarize with rich national culture of Turkmen nation.

Art masters of our country performed songs and ancient folk melodies, which were taken turns by stirring dance and energetic recitative of bakhshys under the sounds of dutar.

Original national colours is a character feature of all Turkmen expositions, no matter what country they present its resource, economic, investment, export and cultural potential of our independent neutral state. As usual, ancient dance kushtdepdy, performed under applause of the spectators, was the crown of the concert.

The concert went in one go and rose the most emotional response of multinational public. Rapturous exclamations Turkmenistan! were heart with different accents.

National Day of our country at EXPO 2017 was held with large success and was colourful celebrations with participation of different countries' delegations.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper