Turkmenistan National team is the third in total medal count of the Sambo World Cup

Turkmenistan won seven medals on the second day of A. A. Harlampiyev Memorial Sport and Combat Sambo World Cup.

Batyr Durdiyev won silver medal in men's combat sambo in the weight category up to 52 kg. Zyba Orunova, the student of National Institute of Sports and Tourism also won the bronze in women's in weight category up to 64 kg.

Student of the above-mentioned university Kerimberdy Dovletov (up to 62 kg), soldier of National Army Kerimberdy Dovletov (up to 74 kg) and coach of sport school Begenchmyrat Kakabayev (up to 90 kg) won the bronze in men's combat sambo.

Soldier of National Army Yusupmyrat Atamyradov (up to 62 kg) and Nasiba Halliyeva (up to 72 kg) won bronze medals in men's and women's sport sambo respectively.

In total, our sportsmen have 10 medals of the tournament � three silver and seven bronze. Turkmenistan National Team shared the third place in total team count with the republic of Belarus, having been bested by the representatives of Russia and Mongolia. In addition, our compatriots were also among three best teams in combat sambo discipline.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper