Turkmenistan nationals detained in St. Petersburg for abducting their fellow citizen

St. Petersburg investigating officers, jointly with the officials from the Federal Security Service have detained three Turkmenistan nationals suspected of abducting a person. The criminal charges were initiated them pursuant to the article Kidnapping, according to the public affairs office of St. Petersburg department of the RF central office of criminal investigations.

According to the investigators, in the afternoon of 11 April 2018 at the metro station Ulitsa Dybenko the suspects threatened a 33 year old fellow citizen and his family members with violence and urged the victim to get into an unidentified vehicle. They subsequently took him to an apartment building on Podvoiskogo street, where he was severely beaten, in an attempt to extort $20 thousand from him.

Taking advantage of the perpetrators' inadvertence, the victim managed to escape from the window and submitted the crime incident report to the law enforcement authorities.

The decision on detention of suspects and initiating criminal charges against them is pending.

The investigation of the criminal case is underway.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan