Turkmenistan prepares to the celebration in honour of glorious ahalteke horses

National Turkmen Horse Holiday is coming. The baton of events dedicated to ‘heaven’ horses, which includes thematic exhibitions, conferences, contests and racing have already started in the country.

As is known, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov has signed the documents on international beauty contest of ahalteke horses as well as the final of the contest among art personnel for the best image of ‘sky’ horse in art in Ashgabat on April 25.

The races, which were an integral part of all Turkmen celebrations from the old days, would be the main events of coming celebrations. These are the spirit of competitions and betting, which have always added emotional urgency to this performance. In our days, this tradition is not simply observed but has also been restored in new merit, which match bright and radiant beauty of ahalteke horses.

The same like in previous year, the President of Turkmenistan has signed the Resolution, according to which prize fund would be instituted and winners of the competitions would be awarded, for encouragement of the winners of equestrian contests and races.

This is another measure of stimulation of development of equestrian sport, training of fast horses and training of professional jockeys, to which President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov pays special attention as to the part of national heritage, which received active development in modern age.

Turkmenistan becomes recognized world centre in this sphere while our horses and jockeys – the winners of big reviews, prestige equestrian competitions and racing tournaments in different countries. They also hold leading positions in art of fancy riding, which is indicated by triumph victories of Galkynysh Equestrian Game Group, which was founded by initiative of the Head of the State, in various international festivals of circus art.

Equestrian performances always raise number of bright emotions of spectators; stature, run of horses, which seem to come down from the sky, are highlighted by excellent training of horses and coordination with riders.

Methods of Turkmen horse breeding, efficiency that was tested by centuries, national training school attract keen attention of professionals from various countries. The Head of the State orients national specialists to the expansion of scientific base of selection and thoroughbred work using modern methods and hippodrome tests.

In addition to traditional races, ahalteke horses demonstrate good results in marathons. Historical equestrian long-distance journeys have glorified ‘heaven’ horses as resilient and able to cover the obstacles.

“30 horsemen have covered 4,300 kilometres in 84 days in Ashgabat – Moscow equestrian ride in 1935. The length of daily trips reached 12o kilometres, which is a record. In average, good ahalteke horse makes one kilometre per minute with something, which is unbelievable result!” – President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov writes in his book “Ahalteke – our pride and glory”, which was spread around the world owing to numerous translations to foreign languages.

These days, our horses also impress in long-distance races with their speed and sport resilience. The Olympic show jumping becomes more popular among young horsemen from recent time. Turkmen horse riders hve good perspectives for participation in international competitions where they are able to compete with traditional leaders of the world equestrian sport.

Art and sport events timed to coming holiday will be another bright dedication to ‘sky’ horses, which have occupied important place in the chronicle of Turkmen people.

Our country confidently declares about itself as big international centre of horse breeding, which has given beautiful ahalteke horse and protects this heritage of the world culture for successors with these events and all big work that is carried out under the leadership of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov for development of national equestrian industry.

Source: Turkmenistan State News Agency-TDH