Turkmenistan publishes annual almanac of Presidential accomplishments for 2015

The 9th volume of Chronicles of great accomplishments for 2015 has been published in Turkmenistan.

The edition represents a wide panorama of the most important events of the period under review and publishes an overview of working visits by President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov throughout velayats, sessions of the Cabinet and the State Security Council, video conferences, the Mejlis meetings and bills adopted. Readers will familiarize themselves with decrees, provisions and orders issued by the head of the state, � the state information agency TDH reports.

According to the media outlet, the almanac relates the close attention paid by President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov to employment, providing residents with modern housing, groceries and manufactured goods at affordable prices, clean drinking water, improving social and living conditions, healthcare development, improvement of education, science, culture etc.

The following 2015 events are best remembered by Chronicles of Turkmenistan:

Th economic crisis broke out in Turkmenistan. The official dollar exchange rate increased from 2,85 to 3,5 manats resulting in turmoil at the exchange offices. Residents were buying up dollars. Police were called in to disperse crowds which led to the emergence of the black market of foreign currency where the US dollar was sold at 4-4,5 manats.

Ashgabat launched preparations for the Asian Games, and the campaign to forcibly remove air conditioners from residential houses was initiated. In summer the abnormally high temperatures, even for Turkmenistan, set in in the capital. The outside temperature increased to 47 degrees Celsius. The adverse consequences of summer heat to the residents were on the agenda of the Cabinet session.

New bans on the import of cars into Turkmenistan were introduced. Starting from 2015 compact cars as well as black vehicles have been barred from being imported into Turkmenistan.

The village of Choganly near Ashgabat was totally demolished.

Salaries were transferred to bank cards. Problems with regard to shortage of cash in ATMs have still not been resolved.

Turkmengas announced the insolvency of Gazprom because since early 2015 the latter had not been settling its debts. In 2016 Gazprom stopped purchasing Turkmen gas altogether.

Communications satellite Turkmen alem was launched. Its frequencies were scheduled to be leased to foreign broadcasters and generate revenue. As of today, apart from Turkmen channels, the satellite broadcasts only a few Arab channels.

The revised Constitution envisaged the increase of the presidential term of office from 5 to 7 years.

The elders approached President Berdymukhammedov with a request to abolish free benefits.

The first gold monument to President Berdymukhammedov was erected in Ashgabat.

A stringer of Radio Azatlyk and the ANT website Saparmamed Nepeskulievwas arrested. He is still being kept in custody.

The demolition of satellite aerials was underway in Ashgabat. At the OSCE human dimension conference Turkmenistan Deputy Foreign Minister Vepa Khadjiev stated that satellite aerials had not been demolished in Turkmenistan and journalists had not been persecuted.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan