Turkmenistan raises excise tax on alcohol, tobacco and the age limit for buying cigarettes

Turkmenistan has increased the excise tax on the production and import of alcohol, the import of tobacco products, as well as the age limit for the purchase of cigarettes. Relevant laws on amendments and additions to the Tax Code of Turkmenistan and the law “On protecting the health of citizens from the effects of tobacco smoke and the consequences of tobacco product consumption” have been published in the local press.

So, from January 1, 2023, the excise rate on strong alcoholic beverages produced in the country has been increased from 53 to 61 percent, on beer produced in the country – from 26 to 30 percent, on imported beer – from 80 to 92 percent and on beer imported to Turkmenistan tobacco products – from 93 to 116 percent.

In addition, now cigarettes in Turkmenistan will be sold to those who are 21 years old. Previously, the age limit was 18 years. This norm comes into force from the day of the official publication of the law “On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of Turkmenistan.”



Source: Turkmenistan.ru