Turkmenistan ranked 78th in the Happiness Rating

In the 2022 World Happiness Report , published on March 18, Turkmenistan ranked 78th.

This is the 10th anniversary edition of the study, which evaluated 146 countries. The ranking takes into account indicators such as the level of GDP per capita, life expectancy, job security and the level of corruption. As well as the presence of civil liberties, a sense of security and confidence in the future and the stability of families.

As a result, Turkmenistan scored 5474 points. However, the authors of the study indicate that data for 2019 (pre-COVID - HT note) was used to assess happiness in the country, since it was not possible to conduct a more recent survey.

As for the neighbors of Turkmenistan in the region, Kazakhstan is located on the 40th place, Uzbekistan - on the 53rd, Kyrgyzstan - on the 64th and Tajikistan - on the 83rd. Russia is located on the 80th place.

Finland topped the ranking for the fifth time in a row. The top five also included Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and the Netherlands.

The most unfortunate country was Afghanistan, followed by Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Botswana.

In 2021, Turkmenistan ranked 97th, in 2020 - 95th, in 2019 - 87th, and in 2018 - 68th.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan