Turkmenistan ranks second in terms of the number of migrants to Belarus

In the ranking of entry migration to Belarus, citizens of Turkmenistan took second place. This is evidenced by the data published in the Demographic Yearbook of the Republic of Belarus 2019 published by Belstat.

The largest number of migrants arrives in Belarus from Russia. In 2018, 7040 Russians moved to permanent residence in Belarus.

The second line of the migration rating went to the residents of Turkmenistan. In 2018, 4,001 people moved from there. The publication believes that it is mainly about Turkmen students the largest group of foreign students in Belarus. According to Belstat, last year 7.7 thousand citizens of Turkmenistan studied at universities in the country.

Ukraine is in third place, from which 3404 migrants arrived.

In fourth place are Chinese citizens (1696 people), and in fifth residents of Kazakhstan (877 people).

It should be noted that about 550 thousand citizens of the country are legally and illegally outside of Turkmenistan. Such data was provided to the Chronicle of Turkmenistan by a source in the State Migration Service.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan