Turkmenistan reduces the flour ration sold at state prices in some rural areas

In the villages of Lebap velayat (province) the flour ration sold at state price has been reduced from five to three kilos per person a month.

� Three kilos of flour are not enough and besides, there is no bread available, � a female resident of the village of Azatlyk in Sayatsk etrap told the correspondent of Chronicles of Turkmenistan.

-Last month I contacted the etrap's public prosecutor's office to seek assistance with purchasing some more flour. The officials had previously accommodated our requests but this month they refused to help and said that I should buy flour at the market as other people do.

Bazaars sell the same flour as the state-run stores but the price is three time higher. In a state-run store a kilo of flour costs 1 manat whereas a 500-kilo sack of the cheapest flour is sold at minimum 150 manats and up.

There are three of us in the family. Only one person in the family has a job with a monthly salary of 900 manats. The majority of families in our village or the neighbouring villages have to survive on such a low income.

We expected that the flour quota would have been increased after Russia had resumed imports of Turkmen gas, but the situation is just the opposite.

Radio Azatlyk has previously reported about queues for flour in the provinces and the city of Mary.

At the same time on 15 May President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedovunexpectedly announced that Turkmenistan had become a wheat exporter and said that large-scale measures committed to ensuring food abundance were being implemented in the country.

Chronicles of Turkmenistan has previously reported that in 2018 some 538 thousand tons of wheat, which is three times less than the projected volume, were harvested in Turkmenistan in 2018.

Because of torrential rain, which hit Turkmenistan in March and April, the wheat crops on the fields have been destroyed.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan