Turkmenistan representatives attend public diplomacy forum

The delegation of Turkmenistan attended the International Forum of Public Diplomacy Dialogue on the Volga River: Peace and Mutual Understanding in the 21st Century held in Volgograd, the Russian Federation on October 31 November 1.

The forum provides a platform for collaboration of public authorities, scientists, businessmen and members of the public to address the modern global and regional challenges and ensure sustainable development and progress of states.

200 delegates from 12 countries gathered together to discuss the possibilities of enhancing international relations in the humanitarian, social and economic spheres. Listen and hear each other! this slogan has become the leading idea of discussions, taken place during the forum.

The Turkmen delegation acquainted the meeting participants with the key areas of the foreign policy strategy of our country, which is based on a neutral and legal status, which was recognized by the Community of Nations twice and stands as an effective model for building relations in a bilateral format, as well as in regional and global dimensions.

As noted, the open door policy pursued by Turkmenistan is a key condition for social and economic growth, effective use of the resource potential of the country and increase of competitiveness of domestic products as well as investment attractiveness, and the growth of the country's international authority and expansion of humanitarian cooperation.

In general, the meeting participants confirmed the similarity of approaches to address the key problems of our time and emphasized the importance of consolidating efforts for the peaceful and progressive development of countries and peoples and overcoming 'pain points' of the global agenda. The outcome of the meeting was the decision to hold the public diplomacy forum on an annual basis.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper