Turkmenistan sees a price hike for select groceries

Starting from February owners of credit cards issued by Turkmenistan's banks can withdraw a maximum of $200 a day when staying abroad. Previously, a restriction of up to $1000 applied.

Turkmen enterpreneurs who purchase goods and merchandise abroad use these services rendered by the banks. Now the volume of purchases, and consequently, the volume of merchandise imported by them to Turkmenistan, has plummeted, which has had an immediate effect on prices.

For instance, the price for a kilo of chicken drumsticks increased from 9 to13 manats. Prices for chocolate sweets, produced by local factories using imported raw materials, also saw an increase. A kilo of candies, which previously cost 12 manats, is now sold at 20 manats. The prices for detergents, which were sold at 20 manats per pack, went up to 45 manats.

We are receiving reports from Mary that on Friday, 3 March, prices in local markets skyrocketed. Prices for local food products increased by 1 to 2 manats whereas for imported groceries � by 4-5 manats.

A dollar exchange rate on the black market has gone up to 7,20 manats. The official exchange rate still remains at 3,50 manats per $1, but exchange offices are closed.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan