Turkmenistan sells eggs abroad is two times cheaper than its citizens

In 2018, Turkmenistan began exporting chicken eggs. During the year, 79.4 million eggs worth more than 3.8 million US dollars were delivered to foreign markets. This March 1 reported the state news agency TDH .

March 9, Azatlyk Radio noted that exports began at a time when there was a shortage of eggs in Turkmenistan, and queues were lined up at the state stores.

If you make calculations, it turns out that one exported egg costs about 5 cents or slightly less than 17 tenge (TDH carries out calculations for the state course $ 1 = 3.5 manat), while in the state stores they sell for 0.33 manat per piece and only in limited quantities. In private stores they are sold in unlimited quantities, but at 7080 tenge per share.

Since 2017, there has been a shortage of eggs and other foods in Turkmenistan , while government media report on the achievement of food abundance. On January 9, during a visit to the economic departments of law enforcement agencies, President Grubanguly Berdimuhamedov was reported that only in the Customs Service there were 50,000 hens, which last year laid down more than 11 million eggs.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan