In the town of Turgundi of the province of Herat of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, celebrations were held on the occasion of the transfer of powerful electric power equipment for the needs of the economy of a friendly country.

In accordance with a document signed by the President of Turkmenistan in November of this year, a transformer of 220/110/10 kV with a capacity of 125 MW and auxiliary equipment are transferred to the Afghan side as humanitarian aid. This will be important both in establishing a reliable energy supply in a neighboring country, and in increasing the volume of electricity supplied by our country.

The supply of electricity at a preferential rate, the construction of social facilities by Turkmen builders, including medical and educational institutions, the sending of the first batch of environmentally friendly gasoline produced from natural gas at the plant in the Akhal province are clear evidence of the good neighborly and humane state policy of our neutral country . Thus, our country seeks to stabilize the situation in the neighboring country, its integration into the system of world economic relations, which will contribute to strengthening security, ensuring sustainable development in the region.

Speakers during the celebration in the town of Turgundi emphasized that Turkmenistan makes a tremendous contribution to the socio-economic development of Afghanistan and the maintenance of stability.

Representatives of the friendly country expressed gratitude to the President and people of Turkmenistan for their assistance in establishing peaceful life in Afghanistan.

Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Turkmenistan