Turkmenistan Solemnly Celebrates the Holiday “Drop of Water – Grain of Gold”

The national holiday, Drop of water � grain of gold was celebrated in Turkmenistan. Main festivities were held in the park located by the bank of the Karakum River in the northern part of the capital. Numerous participants and guests were welcomed with traditional national delights � fresh bread, chorek; pastry � pishme, chapady, kulche; sweets and fruits.

Attendees comprised of the Government officials; senior parliamentary officers; heads of ministries and sectoral agencies; heads of diplomatic missions and representations accredited to Turkmenistan; representatives of non-government organizations and the media; senior citizens, veterans and best workers of water management industry; university lecturers and students; residents and guests of the capital.

An open-air exhibition of agricultural products was organized with participation of various units of the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources and other agencies.

Exposition of regional structures of water industry included stands displaying methods of biological treatment of water reservoirs; mock-up models of hydraulic engineering installations; advanced melioration systems; examples of resource-saving equipment such as sprinkling systems and drip irrigation designated to solve the hyperhydration problem in farmlands, and consequently prevent the water table rise and soil salinization.

Visitors of the current exhibition could also see mini-reservoirs with fingerlings of various types of fish to be later released into open waters. Main objective of such fish-farming is biological de-siltation of rivers and removal of water reed.

Traditions of irrigated farming in Turkmenistan date back to great antiquity. Guests attending the celebration could find confirmation to that through discovering the indigenous methods of irrigation with the water wheel and witnessing how our ancestors used camels to transport precious water. Today we use powerful pump stations and extended water supply networks to transport water.

Functioning mock-up models of karez, irrigation tunnels, attracted many visitors. Thanks to their skills, savvy and hard work, our ancestors developed unique methods to produce water. And karez, kilometers-long underground tunnels for collecting and storing drinking water, are one of them.

Turkmenistan's rich flora and fauna were also represented here, as well as examples of heavy-duty machinery produced and regularly supplied by leading global manufacturers to improve the technical park for water management.

Exposition of works by sculptors, artists and jewelers, organized by the riverbank, was of particular interest for visitors. Our people's traditionally responsible approach to water and modern water management facilities were reflected by the young generation of successors of masters of decorative, folk and fine arts in their picturesque paintings, drawings, carved woodwork, ceramics, tapestries, carpets and jewelry.

Traditional dishes of Turkmen cuisine were cordially and heartily offered to the guests at magnificently decorated yurts located nearby.

Folk singers, bagshy, played melodies of searing intensity that intertwined with the beauty of nature. Performances of best routines by folk groups from the country's provinces added to the national spirit to the celebration.

Exhibition show was presented by kayakers and canoeists. National games; traditional wrestling, goresh; chess and checkers competitions helped create a festive, joyous mood.

It was symbolic that the participants planted trees in the park, therefore contributing to the expansion of the greenbelt along the Karakum River.

This celebration united people of different professions and occupations � irrigation and hydraulic engineers; miraps and machine operators; technicians and builders, the best of whom were traditionally honored on this day during the solemn ceremony of presenting awards to the best workers from the country's regions and capital. They were presented valuable gifts from the President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov.

The celebration was concluded with the grand gala of masters of arts. Performers harmoniously intertwined their music and songs with national ritual songs and dances celebrating the water.

On the occasion of the national holiday, Drop of water � grain of gold, colorful performances and concerts; sports competitions and public celebrations were organized throughout the country, by banks of rivers, canals and water reservoirs; by fountains in parks and squares of towns and villages.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper