Turkmenistan still halts cargo trucks at its border

The news outlet Sputnik-Tajikistan reported on 5 September that Tajikistan's Ministry of Transportation forwarded an official letter to the authorities of Turkmenistan with a request to resolve the problem of Tajikistan's semi trucks stopped on the Iranian-Turkmen and Turkmen-Uzbek borders. However, no response has been received so far.

In the meantime Tajikistan's Ministry of Transportation recommendsthat the drivers who have been stuck on the border pass through the border with Iran and Azerbaijan and then head to Tajikistan through the territories of Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Let us recall that it became known on 3 September that about 100 semi trucks with cargo bound to Tajikistan from Iran have been unable to cross the border with Turkmenistan for over a week. For unknown reasons the official Ashgabat refuse to give entry permits.

On 8 August Turkmenistan increased customs duties for Iranian truck five times.

At the same time, the Turkmen authorities still claim that they are turning the country into a transportation hub and are working to attract international transportation companies.

On 2 September Turkmenistan's state television has showed a video footage featuring the largest aircraft in the work � the cargo plane AN-225 Mriya landing in Mary. The anchor said that this proves that the transit and transportation infrastructure is well-developed in the country.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan