Turkmenistan sues Belgorkhimprom for the inactive Garlyk plant

Head of the Belarusian company Belgorkhimprom, Vyacheslav Korshun, confirmed that he had received claims from the Turkmen side regarding the construction of the Garlyk Mining and Processing Plant.

Earlier, one of the unofficial pro-government Turkmen publications published a list of Turkmenistan's complaints about the quality of the donated facility.

According to the Turkmen side, Belgorkhimprom:

did not complete the mining capital works in full;

did not complete the arrangement of objects near the barrel yard, including the central down substation, underground garage, trunk-conveyor transport, medical center, hardware, fire extinguishing system, etc .;

did not adjust the operation of the skip mechanism on the design indicators;

did not complete the remaining construction and electrical work;

did not complete the work on ventilation and aspiration;

did not complete the installation and commissioning of an automated process control system;

did not complete the adjustment work in the departments of granulation and storage of finished products;

did not complete the entire supply of equipment;

did not make a single supply of spare parts for machinery and equipment;

did not complete other significant work.

As the newspaper writes, the Belarusian company promised to eliminate all the shortcomings within a year after putting the mine into operation.

It should be noted that two years after opening the plant produces only 2% of the planned production volume.

Vyacheslav Korshun, in turn, said that the Belarusian company did not deny that they had not fulfilled part of their obligations to build a potash complex, but due to the fault of the Turkmen side. Turkmenkhimiya did not pay Belgorkhimprom more than $ 150 million for work performed.

- We have completed the work for which you need to pay. And if the work is not paid, then why should I do something for free? Why should I lend Turkmenistan when we have enough projects that require highly efficient investments that make it clear that payment will be ?! For our part we require payment for work performed for an amount not less than $ 150 million - quoted the general director of "Belgorhimproma" edition naviny.by .

We remind that earlier the Chronicle of Turkmenistan reported that Turkmen Chemistry refuses to pay the debt and allow Belgorkhimprom employees to the plant for technical support of its work.

In addition to multi-million dollar debts, one of the main claims of the Belarusian company is that the Turkmen side is keeping its equipment and is trying to establish the work of the plant on its own, refusing the services of qualified specialists, expressing fears that the plant is not being properly used.

Apparently, Turkmenchemistry is looking for other contractors to provide these technical services, a source close to the Belarusian company told HT.

The Turkmen side, in turn, announced that the incompleteness of the work really threatens not only the safety of the work, but also the possibility of a technological catastrophe, which may lead to casualties among the population and cause serious environmental damage.

The official authorities of Turkmenistan or representatives of the Turkmenhimiya concern have not yet commented on this information.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan