Turkmenistan summed up the results of a creative competition among young people

The solemn ceremony of awarding the winners of the creative contest “Bagtyýarlyk döwri – ylham çeşmesi” (“The Age of Happiness is a Source of Inspiration”), held in honor of the 31st anniversary of the Independence of Turkmenistan, was held at the Center for Public Organizations of Turkmenistan. The competition is jointly organized by the Central Council of the Magtymguly Youth Organization of Turkmenistan, the National Trade Union Center of Turkmenistan and the editors of the Garagum magazine.


Creatively gifted youth from all over our country were invited to participate in the competition. Thus, students of higher educational institutions, military personnel, representatives of various fields and professions and other young citizens of Turkmenistan became participants in the review.


The task of the contestants was as follows: the jury had to submit poems or stories of their own composition dedicated to the Motherland, the rapid development, successes and achievements of the Fatherland, its rich and glorious history, national culture, invaluable heritage of ancestors.


So, according to the jury, 17 contestants brilliantly coped with this task.


Among them are 10 university students of the country: Atamurat Yazveliev (Institute of International Relations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan), Nurgozel Yazberdieva, Ilmyrat Babaev (Turkmen State University named after Makhtumkuli), Nury Sakchiev (Turkmen Agricultural University named after S.A. Niyazov), Suleiman Khaydarov ( Turkmen State Institute of Culture), Cheper Nazargylydzheva, Novchagul Annaeva (Turkmen National Institute of World Languages named after D. Azadi), Ogulniyaz Allaberdiyeva (Institute of Telecommunications and Informatics of Turkmenistan), Sulgun Myratgeldieva (International University for the Humanities and Development), Khalyl Akiev (Turkmen State Pedagogical Institute named after S. Seidi).


Two servicemen won the competition: Ikhtiyar Ulukov (Turkmenistan State Border Service) and Kakajan Charyyarov (Ministry of Defense).


Another 5 winners are young people of different professions. These are Parahat Bazarov (technician, Deniz Hotel, Avaza National Tourist Zone), Shatlyk Dzhepbarov (teacher, secondary school No. 3 of Murgab etrap, Mary velayat), Khemra Durdiyev (deputy director for educational work of secondary school No. 12 of Ak Bugday etrap, Akhal velayat), Khatija Redjebova (makeup designer, Garagum magazine), Bagtygul Tekayeva (resident of Niyazov etrap, Dashoguz velayat).


The winners of the competition were solemnly awarded with certificates of honor and valuable gifts. Each of the winners was also presented with a book by the Respected Hero-Arkadag “Ömrümiň manysy” (“The Meaning of My Life”).


According to the organizers of the creative review, the works of the participants are truly worthy of attention, they are filled with deep artistic meaning and content, sincere patriotic feelings and fully correspond to the theme. Therefore, evaluating them, the jury faced a really difficult choice. The competition once again clearly demonstrated that our modernity, the era of the Revival of a new era of a powerful state, is an inexhaustible, main source of inspiration for young people, care for which is a priority for Turkmenistan.


It should be noted that you can get acquainted with the creative works of the contest participants on the pages of the Garagum magazine. The best author’s poems and stories were published in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th issues of the literary and artistic magazine.




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper