Turkmenistan takes an active part in the international discussion of Afghan settlement issues

Turkmenistan took part in a multilateral ministerial online meeting on Afghanistan. Foreign ministers of more than 20 countries of the world, as well as high-ranking representatives of the UN, EU and NATO, also took part in the negotiations, organized by the foreign ministries of the United States and Germany.

The parties exchanged views on the current situation in Afghanistan, as well as on expanding cooperation in resolving the situation in this country. The Turkmen side noted that for Turkmenistan, as a neighbor of Afghanistan, stability and security in this country are of direct importance from a political, economic and humanitarian point of view.

Speaking about the importance of creating new formats of partnership on Afghanistan, the Turkmen side stressed the need to establish effective mechanisms of multilateral interaction aimed at achieving peace and civil accord in this country.

On the same day, issues of Afghan settlement were discussed during an online meeting of the heads of foreign affairs agencies of Afghanistan's neighboring countries. The talks initiated by Pakistan were attended by the heads of the Foreign Ministries of Turkmenistan, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the People's Republic of China, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Ashgabat's vision of current events in Afghanistan and the region as a whole was outlined at the talks by Deputy Foreign Minister of Turkmenistan Vepa Khadzhiev. "The current meeting is viewed by Turkmenistan as an opportunity to develop a consolidated regional approach to ensuring peace and security in Afghanistan, as well as the further all-round development of this country," the Turkmen representative stressed during his speech.

Source: Turkmenistan.ru