Turkmenistan to privatize objects of the Ministry of Finance

On March 31, President Serdar Berdimuhamedov held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, where Deputy Prime Minister for Economic, Banking and International Financial Organizations Muhammetguly Mukhammedov reported on the work on the privatization of state property. This was reported by the state news agency TDH .

The official reported on the results of the analysis carried out by the Ministry of Finance jointly with the ministries, departments and khyakimliks of the velayats on the denationalization and privatization of enterprises and facilities. Based on its results, it was decided to privatize a number of objects through auctions (the TDH does not specify which ones) and sell the share belonging to the state institution through the stock exchange.

The President approved the proposal and instructed the Deputy Prime Minister to control the implementation of plans for the privatization and transformation of state property into joint-stock companies.

The privatization campaign began in Turkmenistan several years ago. At each meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, officials report on this work, and there are practically no industries left in the country where facilities are not being transformed, whether it be the textile production , banking, oil and gas or trade.

As of April, a year has passed, over the past 11 years, more than 500 objects have passed into private ownership, 155 of them were privatized through investment competitions, 402 were sold at auction.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan