Turkmenistan to produce nonwoven materials spunlace and spundbond

Faculties of the Ministry of Textile Industry plan to develop the production of spunlace nonwoven material and another synthetic material based on spunbond technology in the future. Specialists of the branch exercise the tender on selection of subcontractor for construction of the facility for production of materials based on spunlace technology.

Spunlace is a technology for production of nonwoven fabrics by tight connection of fibres (threads) by high pressure water stream without any adhesives. In the result, soft lint-free fabrics with hygroscopic is produced.

High barrier features (60 percent more than cotton and linen), which prevent microorganisms to enter through to human skin, provide its application in medicine and cosmetology as well as at home. If it is necessary, the material is easy to be sterilized.

Lint-free structure allows making all forms and sizes of articles from swabs to surgical gowns, bed and surgical sets and other. Presence of cheap material in the fabrics makes the product to be on high demand. In addition, if this material contains the cotton then such nonwoven material of hydro stream connection withstands multiple washing and easy to be dyed.

Fibres produced from viscose, polyester, polypropylene, cellulose, cotton are the most common materials for production of fabrics. In particular, Turkmen textile industry personnel plans to use treated and bleached wastes of spinning manufacturing.

Polypropylene from Kiaynly polymeric plant is used as raw material for production of spunbond. This nonwoven thermally connected material, which consists of finest polypropylene threads, is the base for production of disposable clothes. Biocompatibility, durability and available price are the advantages of the material.

Taking into account the features of production and multiple physical and mechanical characteristics of nonwoven spunbond materials, they are widely used in many branches of industry like in production of agrarian textile, disposable clothes including medical clothes; they are the base for construction membranes and hydro insulating materials, applied in light industry as packing and accessory material, for production of upholstery, bags, etc.

These materials can be used for women and children hygiene, disposable clothes for medical facilities, beauty parlours. It is also planned to start the production of synthetic fabrics for special clothes. Nonwoven spunbond materials can be used for production of carpet. It has increased durability and law density as well as non-allergic characteristics.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper