Turkmenistan to publish census results according to ‘international standards’

Turkmenistan "expressed its readiness to study the proposals of experts on the further publication of the results of the census , in accordance with international norms and principles." This was stated during the meeting of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan Vepa Khadzhiev with the head of the demographic statistics department of the UN Statistical Office Srdzhan Mrkich , who arrived in Ashgabat at the head of a delegation of UN experts on a working visit.

The main topic of the meeting was the conduct of the general population and housing census of Turkmenistan, which started on December 17. The diplomat thanked the UN experts for the visit, which is carried out in order to monitor the processes of the census in the field, the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan reported on December 19.

Recall that for the first time the mission visited the country in April and put forward a number of recommendations for the action to be held in accordance with international standards. One of them concerned the invitation of experts directly on the dates of the census to observe the conduct of the census.

In addition, the UN delegation recommended that the authorities of Turkmenistan develop a program and schedule for publication "for the timely and effective provision of census results to the government, the international community and the general public."

As UNFPA has previously pointed out, according to international standards, a census is considered complete only when its results are published to the public and disseminated.

Recall that the results of the previous census, which took place in 2012, were never published for unclear reasons, and all mention of the event disappeared from the website of the State Statistics Committee.

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Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan