Turkmenistan to repatriate its nationals from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia

Turkmenistan continues to repatriate its nationals stranded abroad because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The news outlet Turkmenportal reports that Turkmen nationals will be evacuated from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia until mid October.

On 7 October, 2020 Turkmenistan Airlines is scheduled to repatriate Turkmen nationals from Russia. The flight Т5706 is scheduled to depart from Moscow-based Dovomedovo airport at 11 a.m. local time.

As of 10 October, 2020 the evacuation flight T53276 from Ukraine is scheduled to depart from Borispol airport in Kiev at 6:30p.m. local time.

In early October Turkmen nationals will be evacuated from Azerbaijan by ferry from Alyat port to Turkmenbashi. Turkmenistan’s Embassy in Baku reports that inbound passengers, including Turkmen nationals will be allowed to enter Turkmenistan only if they hold a valid health certificate сertifying they “are not diagnosed with any COVID-19 related diseases”.  

At about the same time 50 Turkmen nationals will be evacuated from Kazakhstan by bus through a checkpoint “Temirbaba-Garabogaz”.

It has been previously reported that on 9 and 11 October, 2020 Turkmen planes will be directed to Munich to repatriate a total of 220 Turkmen nationals stranded in the EU.

Upon arrival to their home country repatriated passengers are obliged to undergo a two-week quarantine.

Due to increased workload doctors have expressed discontent with the fact that no evacuation flights had been arranged before, which could have evenly distributed the burden on medical staff and hospitals.


Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan

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