Turkmenistan tries to control prices

Last week hens eggs disappeared from counters of Ashgabat stores. Only in select retail outlets (for example, in the Russian bazaar) ten eggs could be bought at 3,20 manats ($0,90 at the Central Bank exchange rate) but with a restriction of 10 eggs per person.

At the same time, the price for 10 eggs in markets and privately-owned shops was 6 manats but representatives of the city khyakimlik's office prevented vendors from selling eggs at this price. The vendors' argument that they buy the eggs at 0,50 manats per piece from producers and cannot sell them at 0,30 manats had no effect.

This has resulted in a shortage of eggs, even at bazaars. The photos feature people queuing for this produce which is now in short supply.

In the provinces prices for sugar have dropped a bit. In the stores subordinate to the Trade Ministry sugar is sold at 3,40 manats per kilo but a restriction of 1 kilo per person applies. At the same time the shops run out of sugar stock very quickly � an hour after opening. But even such a short-term supply of produce to store shelves led to reduced prices in bazaars. At local markets sugar is available at 6 manats per kilo with no restrictions.

A similar situation is being observed with the sale of chicken drumsticks. The aforementioned stores subordinate to the Trade Ministry sell them at 9 manats per kilo but they quickly run out of stock.

Needless to say, the biggest boom is caused at retail outlets which sell cigarettes. If cigarettes are sold at 19 manats per pack in the capital, vendors in the provinces, using the opportunity, vendors to sell long expired food products, local juices in particular, in addition to cigarettes. 21 manats are charged for a pack of cigarettes with additional load.

The A maximum of two packs of cigarettes can be purchased both in Ashgabat and other cities. However, supplies to state-run retail outlets are irregular and a ban on supplying/delivering and selling tobacco products has been imposed on private vendors and companies.

Observers note that on the days when cigarettes are sold in the stores, their prices on the black market drop. In this case prices have decreased to 30 manats per pack.

At the Cabinet sessions the President of Turkmenistan has repeatedly demanded from his subordinates that store shelves be filled with merchandise and food products, but the market does not obey the command-and-control system of governance.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan