Turkmenistan will provide a loan to Afghanistan to start construction of TAPI

Head of Strategic Studies in Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Afghanistan Waliullah Shaheen ( Waliullah Shaheen ) said that Turkmenistan has promised to Kabul to allocate loan funds to start the construction of the TAPI gas pipeline. TOL O news reported about it .

“We have agreed with Turkmenistan to provide a loan to Afghanistan to pay the fee. Afghanistan will repay the debt from future revenues from the operation of the gas pipeline, ”Shahin said.

The total cost of TAPI is estimated, according to various sources, from $ 7 to $ 10 billion. The shares of participation in the project of its participants are distributed as follows: Turkmengaz - 85%, Afghan Afghan Gas Enterprise (AGE), Pakistani ISGS and Indian GAIL - 5% each.

Also, representatives of the Afghan Foreign Ministry announced the imminent signing of the remaining seven agreements on TAPI. It is noted that in total, for the implementation of the project, it is required to agree on 16 documents, 9 of them were signed by the previous government, before the Taliban seized power in the country.

On the eve it became known that the Afghan Interior Ministry will form a unit of 30 thousand soldiers to guard TAPI. The construction of a gas pipeline across Afghan territory is scheduled to begin in the second half of 2022.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan