Turkmenistan will unite Halk Maslakhaty and Mejlis in a bicameral parliament

On September 25, during the second meeting of the Halk Maslakhaty (People's Council), President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov expressed the idea of uniting the Council and the Mejlis into a single bicameral representative body, the TDH state news agency reported .

According to the proposal, the Council will be the upper house of parliament.

The President ordered that the corresponding amendments to the Constitution be worked out and submitted a year later at the next meeting of the Council.

According to the head of state, such radical changes will create conditions for control over the implementation of laws and national programs, as well as make it possible to represent the interests of all sectors of Turkmen society. For what reasons, the existing multi party Mejlis is not able to represent all sectors of society, is not specified. Also, no alleged changes and redistribution of powers of representatives of the two chambers are reported.

It should be noted that the elections to the existing Hulk Maslakhaty are absolutely opaque. Who, to whom, and by what criteria allocates seats in the Council is unknown.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan