Turkmenistan’s Central Bank permits to transfer $500 to Turkmen nationals stuck abroad via WU

The pro-governmental news outlet Turkmenportal reports that starting 22 June, 2020 Turkmenistan’s Central Bank has permitted to transfer up to 500 US dollars via Western Union to Turkmen nationals who are struck abroad.

The citizens whose names are included in the list approved by Turkmenistan’s Foreign Ministry and the Migration Office are eligible for money transfers.

The news outlet points out that this does not apply to study-abroad students.

The criteria for selecting the nationals whose names are included in the list have not been disclosed.

It should be mentioned that on 21 May, 2020 the news outlet “Gundogar” reported that the authorities of Turkmenistan allowed the Turkmen nationals who got stuck abroad due to air traffic suspension to withdraw $500 from their bank cards after purchasing dollars for manats at the official exchange rate.

Later correspondents of “Chronicles of Turkmenistan” reported that transfers can be made only to the accounts of those who travelled abroad by referral of the Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry.

A week ago the human rights organization “The Turkmen Initiative for Human Rights”, which publishes “Chronicles of Turkmenistan”, tried to contact several Embassies of Turkmenistan abroad and clarify the situation in connection with numerous complaints of citizens who got struck in other countries without means of subsistence due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, all enquiries remained unanswered.

We will continue to monitor the developments.


Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan