Turkmenistan’s Embassy in Turkey refuses to provide assistance transporting bodies of deceased Turkmen nationals back to their home country

Turkey is one of the primary destinations for migrant workers from Turkmenistan. The precise number of Turkmenistan's nationals in Turkey is unknown, but, as has been previously reported, in March 2019 alone some 22,672 Turkmen citizens left for Turkey.

Turkmenistan's Embassy does not provide assistance to their fellow countrymen who find themselves in a difficult situation. One of the common problems is transporting the bodies of migrant workers who have died in Turkey back to their home country. However, instead of rendering assistance, the staff of the Embassy behave in a rude and threatening manner.

For instance, on 5 April a 52 year old long-distance trucker from Lebap velayat, Gurban T., died of a heart attack in Turkey. In response to the request for assistance to transport the body to Turkmenistan an official at Turkmenistan's Embassy in Istanbul replied that this was not their problem.

� You are disgracing our wonderful country here! You are making money here and you want the authorities to cover the expenses?! � the diplomat said.

To determine the cause of death the body had been kept in the morgue until 9 April. His fellow countrymen paid 1600 Turkish liras (equivalent of about $270) for this. Caring fellow countrymen donated money for transportation of the body.

This is not the only such case.

A migrant worker Akhmet S., also a native of Lebap velayat, died in Istanbul last year. In November 2018 an inhabitant of the village of Raidashlyk, who had gone to Turkey to undergo a course of treatment, passed away. In mid April 2019 a migrant worker, a native of Bairamaly etrap, died in the Turkish velayat of Eskisehir.

It should be emphasized that for unknown reasons the Embassy issues strict orders to family members not to open the coffin in which the body is transported, and to bury the body in it. Representatives of special services from velayat's centres are sent to monitor the funeral ceremony to make sure the order is executed.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan