Turkmenistan’s media outlets report on full shelves amid queues formed in front of the stores

According to the website Turkmenportal, an abundance of high quality food products, vegetables and fruits is being observed in all markets, shopping centres and stores of Turkmenistan. The counters are full of groceries and meeting the consumer demand in high quality produce illustrates a big potential of local producers.

Full counters in shopping centres suggest that food abundance has been reached in the country, � the news outlet sums up.

The news broadcasts shown by the state television also demonstrate store counters displaying an extensive selection of groceries.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan


Let us recall that Chronicles of Turkmenistan has previously reported that queues are formed in front of state-run grocery stores. From early morning people stand in line to buy sugar which is sold with a restriction of 1 kilo per customer.

Radio Azatlyk and ANT also report about a shortage of eggs, flour and bread.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan