Turkmenistan’s Ministry of Healthcare recommends that the country’s residents refrain from travelling overseas

On the recommendations pertaining to the prevention of viral diseases were posted on the website of the state information agency TDH.

Apart from standard recommendations to ?omply with personal hygiene, wash hands and see medical doctors in case of high temperature, Turkmenistan's Ministry of Healthcare and Medical Industry recommends that the country's nationals refrain from any trips overseas.

Earlier that day Radio Azatlyk reported the cancellation of all passenger transportation via the sea port in Turkmenbashi.

According to the news outlet Turkmen news, citizens of Turkmenistan were also prevented from boarding the flight Ashgabat Dubai operated by the airline FlyDubai.

Let us recall that since February 26, 2020 the holders of Turkmen passports have been barred from boarding the flights bound to Turkey after President Gurbanguly Berdymukhammedov held the meeting earlier that day devoted to the prevention of the spread of coronavirus in Turkmenistan.

Moreover, as of today the borders with Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Iran remain closed.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan