Turkmenistan’s Ombudsman does not protect the rights of citizens

A renowned journalist Gurbansoltan Achilova and her family members on a regular basis are subjected to repressions by law enforcement agencies. In an attempt to defend her rights and the rights of her family Gurbansoltan submitted written petitions to the local public prosecutor's office, Prosecutor General's office, the NSM, the Migration office, local courts, the Supreme Court and even Turkmenistan's Ombudsman Yazdursun Gurbannazarova.

In particular, Gurbansoltan demanded that the investigation on property damage caused to her disabled son Chary Achilov be finalized. Let us recall that in April 2016 two unidentified individuals broke the windows of his car.

However, in response to Achilova's petitions, the Interior Ministry and the Public Prosecutor's office informed that the criminal case to investigate this incident was initiated by the police department of Berkarar etrap in Ashgabat initiated and all measures were undertaken, which, however, brought about no result. In this connection and pursuant to clause 1, article 308 of the Criminal Procedure Code the investigation was suspended in June 2017.

The Migration office sent a response to the complaint that G. Achilova's daughter � Maya Achilova � had been repeatedly denied exit from the country. It says that the Migration office and other concerned organizations reviewed the application and came to the conclusion to leave M. Achilova's travel status without any changes. It means that Maya Achilova is still barred from travelling abroad. No reasons behind the decision of the law enforcement authorities are provided.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan