Turkmenistan’s schools recruit children for the New Year celebration crowd scenes

An instruction has been issued to schools of Turkmenabad, according to which 3 students from each class are required to be sent to participate as extras for the New Year celebrations in front of the city's New Year tree. In Dashoguz each school has to send five students for the New Year festivities.

Moreover, each class has to make a financial contribution of 600 manats to buy white coats which students are obliged to wear at the event.

Let us recall that every year the New Year celebrations are held in the main squares where local executives urge public sector employees, schoolchildren and students to attend. Those involved in crowd scenes are obliged to stay in the square until the President has congratulated the country's residents and addressed each velayat by a teleconference bridge. The broadcast is shown on large screens installed in each city.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan