“Turkmenpost” intends to launch AliExpress analogue

The state information agency TDH reported on 18 October that Turkmenpochta (Turkmenpost) intends to extend the range of services rendered.

For instance, the post office is setting up the web-based resource, which will become a virtual storefront where domestic companies will be able to demonstrate their merchandise for sale as well as products manufactured by Turkmen businesses.

According to the news outlet, the merchandise sold through Internet portals will be delivered by couriers of the state-run mail service. The media outlet did not specify though what companies will feature their goods.

Moreover, in the run-up to the New Year holidays Turkmenpochta plans to introduce a door-to-door deliver service which will allow mailing packages to any destination within Turkmenistan without contacting the company's offices.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan