Two hours of happiness for those who love circus art

For boys and girls, as well as their parents, who also love circus performances, there was a joyful event – a new circus season has opened. Cheerful and fearless circus performers have prepared an updated program of performances for their admirers. It included all sorts of tricks on the ring of an aerial gymnast, who made her admire her and, with bated breath, experience the entire audience in the stands of the circus, and much more.


For example, three monkeys charmed the audience with cute grimaces and grimaces, as well as dexterity and pranks during their performance. The young acrobats of the renewed Galkynysh group literally flew in a triple somersault in the Path number. And what did the tightrope walkers do? Twine on wire! A ride on the bicycle! A separate word is clownery. They amused the audience to tears with their cheerful and original reprises.


The second part of the performance included a fascinating show of members of the Galkynysh equestrian group led by Pygy Bayramdurdyev. Regulars of circus performances immediately noticed two debutants – a zebra and a horse Yazani.


And, finally, horse riding is the circus genre that Turkmen circus art is famous for all over the world. Unusually beautiful Akhal-Teke horses of pearl, peach and olive color gallop through the arena. At full gallop, dashing horsemen and beautiful riders perform risky tricks – turntables, pyramids, jump ropes … The speed, courage and dexterity of what is happening captures the spirit!


The magnificent costumes of the artists and the updated program of musical accompaniment of the performances enhanced the festive perception of the performance. By tradition, the final number of the program was the mass dance kushdepti, in which acrobats, aerialists, tightrope walkers, clowns, trainers, horsemen took part …




Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper

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