Two months after the reprimand, the Deputy Prime Minister for Fuel and Energy Complex announced the start of production of gasoline in Turkmenistan according to the Euro-6 standard

At a cabinet meeting on January 7, Deputy Prime Minister Shakhym Abdrakhmanov , who oversees the oil and gas industry, reported on the start of production of A-98 gasoline that meets the Euro-6 standard, the state information agency TDH reports .

According to the publication, in the laboratory of Saybolt (Netherlands), gasoline received certificates of compliance with K5 environmental requirements and EURO-6 standards. Now the Main State Service "Türkmenstandartlary" enters gasoline as a new type of petroleum products in the state register and draws up a certificate of conformity.

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov was pleased with the report of the Deputy Prime Minister, instructing him to continue to create conditions for the development of the fuel and energy complex.

November 5 the head of state announced Abdrakhmanov reprimand, and December 24 ordered him to "fundamentally change the Energy management system in accordance with modern international standards" and to pay attention "to the many features that are not yet implemented in the oil and gas industry."

In June 2019, a plant for the production of synthetic gasoline from gas worth $ 1.7 billion was opened in the Akhal velayat, where A-92 gasoline of the Euro-5 standard is produced . State media call this gasoline Eco-93. The feasibility of its construction has raised questions since its commissioning. With the start of production of better and more environmentally friendly gasoline using traditional methods, the profitability of the enterprise may once again be called into question.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan