Two new facilities supplemented agricultural sector of Mary Velayat

The poultry complex producing 5,000,000 eggs and 500 tons of chicken per year was built by local private entity SA�hra Gurlusyk. The territory of the facility locates five enclosures with 132,000 birds. In particular, there are two poultry houses for 50,000 nesting chickens as well as the premises for baby chickens. All workshops are fully automated and provided with specialized equipment for support of comfortable microclimate, air and water purification.

100 hectares of land was given for long-term lease to the entrepreneurs where 10 hectares are occupied by production facilities while the rest of the territory are allocated for growing of forage crops. Monthly production of forage stocking workshops is 3,000 tons.

The production of the complex will be sold in local market and sent for export under Kekec trademark.

Modern livestock complex with annual output of 100 tons of milk and 100 tons of meat was built by the members of the UIET in Murgab etrap.

At present time, the farm has 750 cattle including 150 heads of Holstein milker, which is famous by its milk production. There are all conditions for breeding the animals and growing of young cattle. 250 hectares of land under clover, barley, corn and other crops are allocated for necessary forage feedstock.

Dozens of working places were created at new agricultural facility. In the future, it is planned to double the number of livestock as well as to open meat processing workshop.

Source: Turkmenistan: the Golden Age Online Newspaper