Two people die in Turkmenistan as a result of household gas explosion

As a result of the explosion of household gas in a privately-owned house in the village of Mekan, Mary velayat a man and a woman have died and their four children are in critical condition. The tragedy occurred a week ago.

According to the investigators, for unknown reason the flame went out in the stove while the gas was still supplied, which caused an explosion and a subsequent fire.

The neighbours took out the inhabitants from the house and called the fire fighters. All family members sustained severe burns. A few days later the man and the woman, aged 35, died. Their four children, the oldest of whom is in the 8th grade and the youngest is 4 years old, are in critical condition.

Fellow villages are making money contributions to provide assistance to the children. It became known that the injured need blood transfusion and dozens of people came to the hospital to donate their blood.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan