Two reprimands and two dismissed. President Berdymukhamedov held a Cabinet

President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov held a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, following which two ministers were dismissed and two more were reprimanded.

Myratgeldi Meredov , VicePrime Minister for Oil and Gas, was severely reprimanded for improper performance of his duties and deficiencies in the activities of the oil and gas complex.

The Deputy Prime Minister for Agriculture, Esenmyrat Orazgeldiev,was severely reprimanded for the inadequate performance of official duties, the shortcomings in the work. The President was unhappy with the slow pace of implementation of programs for the development of the agroindustrial complex and instructed the Minister to introduce advanced technologies into practice to improve land fertility and more rational use of water resources.

As previously reported, due to the lack of water in many regions of the country this year was a crop failure .

Vice Prime Minister for Industry Kerim Durdymyradov was fired for corruption, misappropriation of state property and registry in the subordinate ministries.

Industry Minister Khoshgeldy Mergenov was dismissed for serious shortcomings in the work.

Recall that Mergenov was first appointed as interim minister in January 2018, and then as minister of industry in April of the same year.

We also recall that three days ago, the Minister of Textile Industry Nepes Gailiyev was dismissed for accepting a bribe .

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan