UNDP is training Turkmen environmentalists to measure dust levels in the air. The mask regime in the country was introduced due to “dangerous dust particles”

UNDP organized a training in Turkmenistan on the use of dust meters (a device for measuring the concentration of dust in the air) for specialists from the laboratories of the Environmental Control Service (ESC) and the velayat Departments of Environmental Protection, according to the website of the organization.

For employees of departments, a briefing was given on the operation of an Atmas type dust analyzer with practical exercises on the basis of the SEC air pollution control laboratory.

Dust meter Atmas (average price $3700) is designed for express and inspection measurements, continuous monitoring of the mass concentration of dust of various origins and chemical composition in the control of maximum permissible concentrations in the atmospheric air , in the air of the working area, in the process control of air purity of objects for various purposes, in the air sanitary protection zone, industrial emissions, atmospheric emissions .

The training also discussed the issues of standardization of the device in the territory of Turkmenistan.

At the end of the training, the devices were presented to all representatives from the velayats.

Recall that during the coronavirus pandemic, the Turkmen authorities introduced a mask regime in the country, allegedly due to the presence of dangerous dust from the Aral Sea in the air. The official versions about what exactly the Aral dust was dangerous for differ. According to one of them, the coronavirus can settle on dust particles and thus be carried by the wind for hundreds of kilometers. On the other hand, heavy dust particles can cause mechanical damage to the lungs.

Since June 1, the mask regime in Turkmenistan has been relaxed , now it is necessary to wear masks only in transport and indoors. “Remove medical masks outdoors,” the press office of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry said in a newspaper ad. This contradicts previous claims about the presence of dangerous dust in the air, since it is in the open air, and not indoors, that it could be dangerous.

Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan